Boats by Brand

Brand Exhibitor Name Booth / Space Number
AB Inflatables Maritime Solutions 171
AB Inflatables Scituate Boat Works 164
AB Inflatables Bosun's Marine C30, C52
Achilles Inflatables Boats & Motors 165
Achilles Inflatables Maritime Solutions 171
  Albermarle Oyster Harbors Marine L30
  Allied Boats Allied Boats N51
Aqua Patio Rockingham Boats F17
Axis East Coast Flightcraft C2
Azimut Yachts MarineMax Russo G40
Azimut Yachts MarineMax Warwick G40
Azimut Yachts MarineMax Newport G40
Back Cove Boston Yacht Sales L52
Bayliner Boats G & S Marine J29
  Beneteau Sail Advantage Yacht Sales Q39
  Benetau USA Cape Yachts N70
Bennington Pontoon Boats Winnisquam Marine B29
  Bentley Boats REO Marine K16
Berkshire Pontoon Boats Granite State Dock & Marine D40
  Blackfin Bass River Marina & Sebring Industries D66
Boston Whaler MarineMax Russo F52
Boston Whaler Nauset Marine F52
Boston Whaler MarineMax Warwick F52
Boston Whaler Shep Brown's Boat Basin F52
  Bryant Paugus Bay Marina K30
Carolina Skiff Atlantic Boats M1
Carver Yachts Bosun's Marine C52
Catalina Yachts Springline Yacht Sales N40
Century Boats S & S Marine L14
Chaparral Boats Shep Brown's Boat Basin J35
Chaparral Boats Richardson's Boat Yard J35
Chaparral Boats Twin City Marine J35
Chris Craft Lakeport Landing Marina D17
Chris Craft Hamlins Marina D17
  Coastal Inflatables Coastal Inflatables 585
Cobalt Boats East Coast Flightcraft C2
Cobalt Boats Goodhue & Hawkins C2
Cobalt Boats Premier Marine C2
  Cobia Cape Yachts Q29
  Corsair The Multihull Source, Inc. Q23
Crest Pontoon Boats Irwin Marine H18
Crest Pontoon Boats Long Lake Marina H18
Crownline Boats Winnisquam Marine B29
Cruiser Yachts Bosun's Marine C52
Cutwater Boats Louis Marine N65
Cutwater Boats Hamlins Marina N65
  Day Sailer Cape Cod Shipbuiding Inc. O65
  Dehler New Wave Yachts N56
  Donzi Irwin Marine H12
  Duras Inflatables Boats & Motors 165
  Dyer Dinghy Brown's Yacht Yard Q79
  Eastern Boats Eastern Boats N13
  Eastern Boats Millway Marine N13
  Eastern Boats J & W Marine N13
  Eastern Boats Yarmouth Boat Yard N13
EdgeWater Boats Bosun's Marine C52
  Elan Yachts Springline Yacht Sales N40
  Encore/Bentley Pontoons REO Marine K16
Everglade Boats Buzzards Bay Yacht Sales G65
Everglade Boats Bassett Boat & Yacht Sales G65
Everglade Boats South Port Marine G65
Formula Boats Paugus Bay Marina J30
Four Winns Melvin Village Marina C65
Four Winns Bob's Beacon Marina C65
Four Winns MacCallum's Boat House C65
  Galeon MarineMax J65
Glastron Boats MacCallum's Boathouse (NH/MA Dealer C1
Glastron Boats Fay's Boat Yard C1
Glastron Jet Boats Billerica Motorsports & Marine B2
Godfrey Marine Rockingham Boats F17
Grady-White Boats Baert Marine G52
Grady-White Boats Bayside Marine Corp. G52
Grady-White Boats Cataumet Boats G52
  Hanse Sailboats New Wave Yachts N56
Harris Flote Bote Melvin Village Marina J66
Harris Flote Bote Bob's Beacon Marine J66
Harris Flote Bote Raymond Marine J66
  Herreshoff 12.5 Cape Cod Shipbuilding Q65
Heyday Winnisquam Marine B29
  Highfield Inflatables Monahan's Marine 265
  Highfield Inflatables Maritime Solutions 171
  Hobie Kayak Monahan's Marine 265
  Honda Inflatables Maritime Solutions 171
Hurricane Deck Boats Rockingham Boats F17
  Jeanneau NC Louis Marine G80
  Jeanneau NC Hudson's Outboards Inc. J80
  Jeanneau Sail Bluenose Yacht Sales N30
Jupiter Boats Cape Yachts K66
  Kencraft Boats J & W Marine 106, 108
  Key West Hudson's Outboard, Inc. J79
  Laser Performance Sailboats Brown's Yacht Yard N80
  Legacy by Tartan Oyster Harbors Marine L30
  Limestone Oyster Harbors Marine L30
  Mag Bay Oyster Harbors Marine L30
Mako Boats Bass Pro Shoop - Tracker Marine H17
Mako Boats Port Harbor Marine H17
Malibu Boats East Coast Flightcraft C2
  Manchester Yacht Crocker's Boat Yard, Inc. Q55
  Maritime Boats Chislett's Boating N79
  Maritime Boats Ryder Cove Boatyard N79
  Maritime Boats Coastline Marine N79
Marker One East Coast Flightcraft C2
Mastercraft Boats New England Freshwater Marine C18
  Mastercraft Boats Silver Sands Marina C18
  May-Craft Boats Eagle Marine B1
Mercury Inflatables Portside Marine 681
  Merry Fisher Hudson's Outboards Inc. J80
MJM East Coast Yacht Sales L60
Monterey Boats Irwin Marine J52
  Monterey Boats Tern Harbor Marine J52
  NauticStar G & S Marine G30
  NauticStar Long Lake Marina G30
  NauticStar Granite State Dock & Marine G30
Nautique MacCallum's Boathouse (NH/MA Dealer) C1
Nautique Long Lake Marina C1
  North Atlantic Inflatables North Atlantic Inflatables 185
  North Atlantic Inflatables Allen Harbor Marine Service 185
  North Coast Boats Standish Boat Yard L66
  Optimist Pram Brown's Yacht Yard N80
Palm Beach Pontoons Irwin Marine H18
  Parker 3A Marine Service, Inc. K1
  Parker Bass River Marina K1
  Parker Riverfront Marine Sports, Inc. K1
Premier Pontoons Irwin Marine H18
  Premier Pontoons Long Lake Marina H18
  Proline Slip's Capeway Marine D79
Pursuit Bosun's Marine C30
Ranger Tug Fluid Motion - Ranger Tug D65
Ranger Tug Moose Landing Marina D65
Ranger Tug Winter Island Yacht Yard D65
Regals Boats Bosun's Marine C52
Regals Boats Silver Sands Marina C52
Regency Tracker Marine H17
Regulator Oyster Harbors Marine L30
  Release Boats Eagle Marine B1
  Rhea Bluenose Yacht Sales N30
  Riviera Yachts Bosun's Marine C30
Robalo 3A Marine Service, Inc. F2
  Rosborough Boats Rosborough Boats F57
  Rossiter Boats Rossiter Boats D52
  Rossiter Boats Allen Harbor Marine Service D52
  Rossiter Boats Goodhue & Hawkins D52
  Rossiter Boats Yachting Solutions D52
Sabre Yachts Boston Yacht Sales L52
Sailfish Boats MarineMax Russo J35
Sailfish Boats MarineMax Wakefield J35
Sailfish Boats MarineMax Warwick J35
Sanpan Rockingham Boats F17
Scarab Jet Boats Billerica Motorsports & Marine B2
Scout Boats Danversport Marine G66
Scout Boats Hamlins Marine G66
Sea Chaser Atlantic Boats M1
  Sea Fox McShane Yacht Sales F66
Sea Ray MarineMax Russo F30
Sea Ray MarineMax Warwick F30
Sea Ray Irwin Marine F30
Sea Ray Hyannis Marina F30
Sea Ray Dick's Marine/Zecco Marine F30
  Seadoo PWC Billerica Motorsports & Marine B2
  Sea Pro Eagle Marine B1
  Sea Pro South Port Marine B1
  Seaway Seaway Boats F72
  Seaway McShane Yacht Sales F72
  Seaway Port Harbor Marine F72
  Seawind The Multihull Source, Inc. Q29
Smoker Craft Smoker Craft D10
Smoker Craft Harrison Marine D10
South Bay Pontoon Boats Ward's Boat Shop B52
Southport Boat Works Southport Boats H2
Southport Boat Works Crosby Yachts H2
Southport Boat Works Smith Yachts H2
Southport Boat Works Navtronics H2
Sportsman Boats Millway Marine K38
Sportsman Boats Port Harbor Marine K38
  SS30 Bluenose Yacht Sales N30
Starcraft Boats Smoker Craft D24
Starcraft Boats Monadnock Boat Store D24
Starcraft Boats Harrison Marine D24
  Steiger Buzzards Bay Yacht Sales D30
Stingray Boats South Attleboro Marine A52
Striper Boats Atlantic Boats M1
Sun Tracker Bass Pro Shop/Tracker Boat Center H17
Sun Tracker Port Harbor Marine H17
  Sunfish Brown's Yacht Yard N80
  Sunchaser Monadnock Boat Store D10
  Sunchaser Harrison Marine D10
  Sunsation Power Boats Atlantic Boats, Inc. K2, M1
  Suzuki J & W Marine 106, 108
Sweetwater Boats Rockingham Boats F17
Sylvan Pontonn Boats Monadnock Boat Store D10
Sylvan Pontonn Boats Harrison Marine D10
Tiara Oyster Harbors Marine L30
  Tidewater Boats Monahan's Marine 265
  Tohatsu Inflatables Boats & Motors 165
Tracker Boats Bass Pro Shop/Tracker Boat Center H17
Tracker Boats Port Harbor Marine H17
Triton Bass Boats REO Marine K16
  Tug Inflatables Great Bay Marine 2591
  Twin Vee Atlantic Boats, Inc. K2, M1
  Vanquish Boats East Coast Yacht Sales L60
Walker Bay Maritime Solutions 171
  Wellcraft Boats Tern Harbor Marine B30
  Wellcraft Boats Fay's Boat Yard B30
  Weta The Multihull Source, Inc. Q29
World Cat Hudson's Outboard, Inc. J79
Yamaha Jet Boats Long Lake Marina H1
Yamaha Jet Boats Irwin Marine H1
Yamaha Jet Boats Twin City Marine H1
  Yamaha PWC Long Lake Marina H1
Yamaha Sport Boats Long Lake Marina H1
Yamaha Sport Boats Irwin Marine H1
Yamaha Sport Boats Twin City Marine H1
Yamaha Wave Runner Long Lake Marina H1
Yamaha Wave Runner Big Wave Craig's K66
  Yellow Fin Buzzards Bay Yacht Sales D30
  Zim Performance Sailboats Brown's Yacht Yard N80, Q79
Zodiac Inflatables Brown's Yacht Yard Q79

NMMA Certified Boats & Yachts undergo an extensive application and inspection process to ensure they meet all applicable US Coast Guard Regulations and the much more stringent and comprehensive safety and construction standards of the American Boat & Yacht Council. Learn more


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